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Line Of Defense (TAK LIII) overview:

WARNING: THIS GAME IS IN EARLY ACCESS AND CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT. IT IS NOT YET COMPLETED. FOR MORE INFO ON WHAT EARLY ACCESS IS, PLEASE READ THE LINK BELOW BEFORE PURCHASING. WHAT IS EARLY ACCESS A sci-fi multiplayer online game with space & planetary combat in a large world Combatants belonging to two (Galactic Command military and the opposing Insurgent paramilitary) military teams, wage a massive war in space and on planets (air, land, sea) in first person infantry mode, vehicles (ground and sea) and aircraft (air and space). Though you can buy all of the packs below; you only need at least ONE in order to play the game. STARTER KIT TAK LI DLC TAK LII DLC TAK LIII DLC (this product) TAK LIV DLC More Info THIS IS A STEAM PRODUCT KEY

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